The company safety production committee members meeting

[文章摘要] OnAugust14,acompanybuildaproductionsafetycommitteemembersmeetinginguangxibuilding23floormeetingroom.Meetingtodiscussaboutrevisingtheguangxifirstconstructionengineeringconstructiongroupco.,LTD.Implementingrulesforthesafeproductionresponsibilitysystematvariouslevelsandtheassessmentmethodofproductionsafetyresponsibilitysuchassafetyinproduction

    On August 14, a company build a production safety committee members meeting in guangxi building 23 floor meeting room. Meeting to discuss about revising the guangxi first construction engineering construction group co., LTD. Implementing rules for the safe production responsibility system at various levels and the safe production responsibility appraisal methods such as safety production issues.


    Meeting request, all the security council members to learn the new "safety production law", the implementation of the group company "on further strengthening the construction and installation construction enterprise safety in production work of the nine measures", strengthening the concept of the party and government with responsibility, a pair of responsibilities, solid and effective to carry out the hidden perils in safety production management work.

    Company chairman, party secretary WeiChunJie, general manager, deputy party secretary CenHong, deputy general manager Qiu Guoxing, Li Rigong, vice secretary of party committee, secretary of the discipline inspection commission, trade union chairman Liu Zhongyi, deputy general manager QinZhenHua Li Gongmei, finance director, assistant researcher lingzhao, deputy chief engineer Tang Guangxian, deputy director of security Qiu Qiuhua and production safety committee members, a total of 28 people were present at the meeting.